Serverless Kanban Board for GitHub Issues

Why waste time and money paying for a Ticket Tracker when you already work in GitHub? Now, you don’t have to.

Multiple Repositories

Multiple Repositories in an organization can be shown on a board (from different organizations too!). The repository is shown in gray next to the Issue number.

Linked Issues and Pull Requests

Just add #123 or orgName/RepoName#123 to the Issue or Pull Request body and linked Issues will show up with the column they are in, both below the Card and in the preview popup.

Real-Time Collaboration

By clicking the icon next to the card title, multiple people can edit the Issue Body at once (ie in a meeting), and when editing is done, one person clicks Save to GitHub.


send anyone the link to edit
real-time preview of Markdown
references to Issues show with their state and board column
Sequence, State, Gantt, and other diagrams are supported (using mermaid)


cards can be filtered by

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