Kubernetes: Kompose: A Tool to Go from Docker-Compose to Kubernetes

Editor’s note: Today’s post is by Sebastien Goasguen, Founder of Skippbox, showing a new tool to move from ‘docker-compose’ to Kubernetes.
At Skippbox, we developed kompose a tool to automatically transform your Docker Compose application into Kubernetes manifests. Allowing you to start a Compose application on a Kubernetes cluster with a single kompose up command. We’re extremely happy to have donated kompose to the Kubernetes Incubator. So here’s a quick introduction about it and some motivating factors that got us to develop it.Docker is terrific for developers. It allows everyone to get started quickly with an application that has been packaged in a Docker image and is available on a Docker registry. To build a multi-container application, Docker has developed Docker-compose (aka Compose). Compose takes in a yaml based manifest of your multi-container application and starts all the required containers with a single command docker-compose up. However Compose only works locally

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