GitLab 8.14 Released with Time Tracking Beta and Chat Commands – GitLab

Nov 22, 2016 You’re doing code review of a new feature and wonder how it’ll actually feel, look and work when it’s live. Yesterday, you had to sacrifice your local development environment’s state, checkout the remote branch, run migrations, and then spin up the entire development environment. Today, you can just go to GitLab and click the link in the merge request to play with a fully functional, live environment. Maybe you have some feedback on what you saw and start talking with your colleague on chat. Rather than having to communicate on who moves the result to issues, you just create an issue directly from chat. You can immediately add a time estimate to the issue and anyone peeking at the cycle analytics will see the new issue come by and over time, move to production, giving you feedback on where things might get stuck. You can do all

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