What’s new in Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) – an overview

The Ubuntu 16.10 operating system was released last month. The new version, which is also called Yakkety Yak, came around six months after Canonical – the company behind Ubuntu – released version 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) of the Linux-based operating system. We’ve already discussed the changes that Ubuntu 16.04 LTS brought along, so in this article we’ll be covering a quick overview of Ubuntu 16.10 desktop, essentially focusing on the major new features/changes it brings to the table when compared to version 16.04 LTS.

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Visual Studio Code 1.7.2 Release Notes

1.7.2 Recovery Build
We are releasing 1.7.2 today which includes a new version of the TypeScript Server (to 2.0.10). The update to the server will re-enable the Automatic Type Acquisition (ATA) feature by default for JavaScript users. This feature greatly improves the IntelliSense in JavaScript projects and removes the need to manually install TypeScript declaration files (.d.ts files). This feature is powered by a query to the npmjs service to retrieve relevant declaration files for used modules. More details in relation to this feature, including details on how to disable it are included in the relevant section of these release notes.
The 1.7.2 release also adds the final 1.7 translations and fixes several important issues.
1.7.1 Recovery Build
We are releasing a 1.7.1 recovery build to disable the automatic JavaScript typings file acquisition feature. We need to tune the acquisition to avoid unnecessary load on the NPM registry and we’re working closely with the

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First 64-bit distro for Raspberry Pi 3 is… SUSE?

[Updated: 5:30PM] — SUSE released the first 64-bit distribution for the Raspberry Pi 3 with its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. OpenSUSE, Fedora and Ubuntu should be there soon. When we reported on the potential for 64-bit Linux distributions supporting the Raspberry Pi 3 earlier this year, the server focused SUSE Linux was not even on […]

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The first official 64-bit OS for Raspberry Pi arrives — but there’s a catch

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is the first 64-bit version of the popular barebones computer, yet despite its processor upgrade, there isn’t an official 64-bit OS available for it. That’s because the Raspberry Pi Foundation has focused instead on making its Raspbian OS run on all generations of Pi. However, the good news is Pi 3 owners can now take advantage of the full capabilities of their device, thanks to SUSE which has released a version of its 64-bit Linux Enterprise Server product that supports Raspberry Pi 3. SEE ALSO: 8 superb — and cheap — Raspberry Pi alternatives This… [Continue Reading]

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