Fear and Machine Learning: AI and Legal Practice

In late September leaders from legal, business and technology gathered in New Orleans at Clio Con, also know as the Clio Cloud Conference.* Andrew Arruda, ‎CEO and Co-Founder of ROSS Intelligence, delivered a talk called, “Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Science Fiction or Science Fact?”
Arruda sets out to clarify some of the misconceptions that surround artificial intelligence and demonstrate how AI is currently being used. He provides examples of AI inside and outside of the legal environment and concludes that if it’s working elsewhere it can work for law too. He then talks about the fear piece and the “dangers of technophobia.” And he’s happy to report that he has so far been unable to find that “army of robot lawyers that are supposedly going to come and take our jobs.”
AI is a broad term, he explains, that encompasses the more specific process known as “machine learning” as well as

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