Build serverless real-time apps with AWS IoT MQTT

This module implements a client to connect to AWS IoT MQTT broker using WebSockets.
It can be used to create serverless realtime applications that elastically scale with demand.
AWS MQTT Client can be used in browser as well as in node.js environment.

Up until now an implementation of a realtime in-browser application required the use of either an external service
(e.g Pusher, PubNub)
or roll your own servers (e.g. using that maintain connections with browsers and need scaling to respond to the changes in number of active users.
Using AWS IoT MQTT broker as the realtime backend provides a low cost automatically scaled service for your application.


AWS documentation does not explicitly promote the use of IoT MQTT broker as a general purpose pub/sub broker.
Only the use case of IoT devices communication is explicitly described. While technically there is nothing preventing
general purpose browsers and servers connecting to

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