React 15.4

Today we are releasing React 15.4.0.

We didn’t announce the previous minor releases on the blog because most of the changes were bug fixes. However, 15.4.0 is a special release, and we would like to highlight a few notable changes in it.
Separating React and React DOM #
More than a year ago, we started separating React and React DOM into separate packages. We deprecated React.render() in favor of ReactDOM.render() in React 0.14, and removed DOM-specific APIs from React completely in React 15. However, the React DOM implementation still secretly lived inside the React package.

In React 15.4.0, we are finally moving React DOM implementation to the React DOM package. The React package will now contain only the renderer-agnostic code such as React.Component and React.createElement().

This solves a few long-standing issues, such as errors when you import React DOM in the same file as the snapshot testing renderer.

If you only use the official and documented

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