Visual Studio Code for Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi

Please read this carefully (here be dragons!).
These are automated builds of the open-source edition of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.
The latest code is pulled on a nightly basis from Microsoft’s official repository. If there are updates, the code is built, tested, packaged and deployed. The key feature here is support not only
for Intel, but ARM processors, and so these builds can run on a wider variety of systems.
As this project is at a very early stage, and the builds are made nightly, the software should be considered unstable for now. The disclaimer at the bottom of this page covers your use of the scripts and instructions below, and any and all of the packages they reference.
These scripts probably require super-user access to the system in order to, among other things, add the package source to your system and install software, depending on your current user access rights. It is bad practice

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