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If you are learning about GitSense for the first time, you can think of it, as a supercharger for GitHub and GitLab. 
And with it, you can do all of the following, without ever having to leave your favorite Git hosting solution.
Search for code, commits and diffs on any branch, from any repo, and in any combination.
Analyze code changes on any branch, from any repo, and in any combination.

In a nutshell, GitSense provides always relevant search and analytics. 
And it does this through a Chrome extension, which we call GitSense Insight, which lets us integrate directly on top of GitHub and GitLab. 

The source for GitSense Insight is freely available under the MIT License and can be
installed manually or
through the Chrome webstore. 

Why should you use GitSense Insight?

Without exaggerating, it significantly improves search and code change analytics in GitHub and GitLab, and here’s how:
Seamless Code, Commits, and Diffs Search
Enhanced Search Capability

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