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ICQ: 20 Years Is No Limit

ICQ is turning 20 (and that is no small potatoes). A whole generation has already grown up with the forerunner of all messengers. For this occasion, we have decided to take a retrospective look at how our technology developed over the past two decades.After so many years, you still cannot find too much information about ICQ’s early years on the Internet. The first version, issued by four high school students from Israel on November 15, 1996, was quite simple. In fact, you could use it only to exchange text messages. Customers had to connect to the UDP 4000 port on the server.Just a year later, by December 1997, client applications for Windows 3.1x, 95, NT, and Macintosh were available. Our total users exceeded 5 million people, with a daily audience of 1.3 million people. More than 300,000 could be online simultaneously. Of course, it looks ridiculous compared to the


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