Linux dash: A beautiful web dashboard for Linux

A simple, low-overhead web dashboard for Linux

Check out what’s coming in Linux Dash v2.0: in Fall 2016.

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A beautiful, simple web-based dashboard for monitoring a linux server
Only ~1MB on disk! (.git removed)
Live graphs, refresh-able widgets, and a growing # of supported modules
Drop-in installation for PHP, Node.js, Python, and Go

Step 1: Download Linux Dash

Clone the git repo

git clone

Or download it here.

Step 2: Secure Linux Dash

Linux Dash does not provide any security or authentication features.

It is strongly recommended that all Linux Dash installations be protected via a security measure of your choice.

Step 3: Start Linux Dash

Linux Dash can be run in: Node.js, PHP, Go, or Python.

* Node.js is the recommended platform since it has native support for websockets and fast I/O.

First, navigate to the linux-dash folder you downloaded or cloned.

Then, refer

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