Show HN: A Web-to-RSS Parser in Common Lisp

A Web-to-RSS parser in Common Lisp.

This software was written because a disappointing number of websites still does not have an RSS or Atom feed so I could subscribe to their updates, e.g. the KiTTY website. The script tries to find new articles on any website according to given criteria (CSS selectors) and parse them into a valid RSS feed so I can subscribe to them in my usual RSS feed reader.

chmod +x rssparser.lisp, then:
./rssparser.lisp add []
./rssparser.lisp delete
./rssparser.lisp list
Run a simple web interface on port 5000:
./rssparser.lisp webserver
Cronjob or manual feed creation command:
Supported selectors are all valid CSS selectors. If you don’t specify a ContentSelector when adding a new feed, rssparser.lisp will use “Generated with rssparser.lisp.” as every feed item’s body.

If you want to subscribe to the KiTTY website, you can either use the web interface or perform the following commands:
% ./rssparser.lisp add “KiTTY” “” “.news” “h1” “”

% ./rssparser.lisp parse

% ./rssparser.lisp

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