Qt for Go which supports Windows/macOS/Linux/Android/iOS/SailfishOS/RaspberryPi



Qt is a cross-platform application framework.

Go (often referred to as golang) is a free and open source programming language created at Google.

This binding aims to make it as simple as possible to write applications for all operating systems supported by Qt in Go.

The project is pretty much a WIP and not recommended to be used in production yet.

However it should already contain everything you need to build fully featured Qt applications in Go.

Screenshots of the Line Edits example


Full or stub installation?

The full installation requires at least 8gb free ram and takes 20 min.

The stub installation requires only 1gb free ram and takes 10 min. (experimental)

The only differnce between those two version is, that you won’t be able to use go run/build to build your applications if you choose to install the stub version.
You are therefore limited to the use of qtdeploy to build your application.

To build

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