Panorama Education’s (YC S13) Git Workflow

As happy git users, we love learning how other people use our favorite version control system. So, we thought we’d add to the discussion and share how we use git and other tools to drive our engineering work. We’ve been improving our git workflow for a few years, and our current solution is optimized around:
Easing work parallelization
Communicating who’s working on what
Allowing us to prioritize tasks
Allowing external stakeholders to view task progress
Preventing us from deploying un-QA’d code
Creating a clear path for engineers to take their tasks through the pipeline of development, testing, QA, all the way to production without blocking on work from others
We’ve been pretty satisfied with our setup – check it out, and let us know what you think!

Task Management
For task management, we use JIRA, both for its flexibility in configuration and because using different components of the Atlassian ecosystem together gives us some nice benefits (more on that below).

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