Atom 1.12 released

Atom 1.12 has shipped today with another helping of fixes and improvements.

International Keyboard Support

New APIs available in Chrome 52 allowed us to take on this long-requested feature. The new APIs turned out to be less important than we originally thought but we’re nonetheless happy to report Atom users in all locales now get typical keyboard behavior in Atom’s default installation.

Electron 1.3

Thanks to some amazing work by community maintainer @thomasjo, Atom comes out of the Electron dark ages in this release with an update to 1.3.6, bringing Chrome 52 along for the ride.

Keybinding Usability

The scope specificity rules for keybindings were understandably confusing lots of Atom users. This release has a major simplification such that user-defined keybindings take precedence.

Windows Fixes

There are a number of tweaks specific to Atom on Windows, including:

Don’t forget to check out all the other improvements shipping with this version in the release notes!

Atom 1.13 Beta

Atom Benchmarks

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