Show HN: Personal Storage System with a PI

Personal Storage Management System

This is a “small” personal project where i’ll use Java, JavaFX, the Gson-Libary, Apache-Web-Server, JSON-server and as Barcode libary.
I want to build an application, with which i can manage the items in my basement (preferably groceries).
I’ll try to keep the setup costs as low as possible, so it’ll be a system everyone can build.
I have to admit, that it got more expensive than i thought. (You could decrease the price by just buying a Pi (35€) and a smaller screen (30-45€) to about 100€).

Physical parts are:

TaoTronics USB Laser-Barcodescanner (23€)
RaspberryPI 3 StarterKit which includes: (100€)

Raspberry Pi 3
Your Choice of Pibow 3
8GB NOOBs microSD card
Chiclet Keyboard
Optical Mouse
Official Raspberry Pi 2A PSUn>
HDMI cable
Raspberry Pi Stickers

Tontec 7 inch High Resolution 1024 * 600 Screen Display LCD TFT Monitor(55€)
Total costs: 178€

Very Simple but responsive WebPage of the Items

Running JavaFX with Maven

The first small problem was to

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