Benefits of using tmux – streamlining your development environment

Keegan Lowenstein in Engineering on November 8, 2016

Before I started using tmux, I’d hear it mentioned frequently. It always
sounded cool, and while there’s no shortage of great information on the web
about what tmux is, it was never entirely clear to me how it would dramatically
improve my development workflow. After using tmux for a few years, I’ve come to
rely on its ability to streamline several aspects of my development process.
Thanks to tmux, my workflow is now more organized, more automated,
and easier to customize. My hope is that by sharing a few concrete examples of
how tmux has helped me, it may help others better understand what might be
gained by taking tmux for a spin.

This post assumes that you’re familiar with the basic vocabulary of tmux,
concepts like sessions, panes, and windows. A tmux window functions much like
a terminal tab; a session is a collection of related windows (think tabs); and

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