14 Tech Tools for Your Coworking Space

Coworking is becoming a global trend that is growing at an exponential rate. Tech is starting to pitch in and help out by creating software products that make it easier to run coworking spaces. It probably doesn’t hurt that coworking spaces are filled with successful entrepreneurs. They might be looking for a new idea at any time. The business leaders of tomorrow will begin looking around for their next business. The first place they might notice problems that need to be solved is the coworking space they spend most of their time at. This has begun to create a natural synergy between coworking and premium SaaS solutions.Meshwork fosters the magic that takes place when people come together in a coworking community by helping spaces run their businesses, engage their members and facilitate introductions between them, as well as giving members the ability to discover and connect with those around them. Meshwork

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