Freeing my tablet: Android hacking, software and hardware


 (October 2016)

Freeing my tablet (Android hacking, SW and HW)

For the TL;DR crowd:
I wanted to run a Debian chroot in my tablet; and there was no open-source rooting
process for it. That triggered me enough to have a deeper look at Android,
and eventually completely dominate my tablet.

Caveat – a long read… involving both HW and SW;…but you’ll probably learn a thing or two.

The backstory…

Two years ago, I left my country. There’s a sad story there, but let’s
just say that I chose to spend some time in Malta, working remotely for a
nice Irish startup – while living in an apartment 30 meters by the sea 🙂

After finishing my work everyday at 16:00, 15 minutes later I would go
for a swim.

I miss the glorious Mediterranean sun…

I would then enjoy long afternoon walks by the beach,
listening to music
and catching up on my favorite online forums (Reddit/programming, Hacker
News, Slashdot, etc) – using my

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