Intercooler.js – Making AJAX as easy as anchor tags


Intercooler is a small (6.74KB gzipped) jQuery-based library that allows you to add AJAX to your application using
HTML attributes.

Here is an example:

Click Me!

Despite this simplicity, intercooler supports quite a bit of functionality:

These features allow you to build modern web applications with little fuss, using a simple and intuitive REST-ful architecture that ensures good performance, excellent user experience and a minimum of complexity.

It also is very easy to incrementally retrofit intercooler into existing web applications to add AJAX functionality where
it is most valuable.

Full documentation is available on the main intercooler website


Intercooler can be downloaded or hot-linked from the downloads page.

Or installed via bower:

“dependencies”: {
“intercooler-js” : “1.0.2”

Intercooler depends on jQuery v1.10.0 or higher.


Intercooler is licenced under the MIT License

Official Theme Music

Rober Parker


To contribute a change to intercooler:

Fork the main intercooler repository
Create a new feature branch based on the development branch with

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