Instapaper makes ‘premium’ services free to all users

My favorite article-clipping service just got even better. A few months ago, Instapaper was acquired by Pinterest, in the usual tech-company deal we see these days when one company thinks that the technology another company developed would make its own products and services even better. Google and Amazon have done this countless times.
But rather than the usual case, in which the acquiring company shuts down the company it just bought (as was the case with Google and Etherpad, or Safari Books Online and Ibis Reader), Instapaper has announced exactly the opposite is happening: not only will Instapaper’s services be continuing, but the add-on services that formerly required paying for a premium account will now be freely available to everyone. Those who’ve already paid for Instapaper premium accounts will have pro-rated refunds coming within the next week or so.
These premium services include zero ads on site or mobile app, full-text search for all

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