“Removal of powerpc as a release architecture”

Release architectures for Stretch will be as follows:

* amd64
* arm64
* armel
* armhf
* i386
* mips
* mips64el
* mipsel
* ppc64el
* s390x

The only change from Jessie is the removal of powerpc as a release
architecture. We discussed this at length, and eventually took
the view that the least disservice to users of that port is to provide
reasonable notice of its discontinuation. We recognise and acknowledge
that discontinuing any port is unavoidably disruptive.

The question of whether powerpc remains an architecture in the main archive
or moves to ports is one for FTP masters, not the release team.

For the release team:

Jonathan Wiltshire jmw@debian.org
Debian Developer http://people.debian.org/~jmw

4096R: 0xD3524C51 / 0A55 B7C5 1223 3942 86EC 74C3 5394 479D D352 4C51

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