Running containers without Docker

Right now at work, my team’s job is basically to be Heroku for the rest of the
company – we want it to be really easy for developers to run and operate code
on our servers.
I’m not going to talk right now about why “make it easier for developers to
run code on our servers” might involve “containers”, because that’s a whole other
post. Let’s suppose we believe that.
So if you have a bunch of existing infrastructure that you maybe want to move
to containers, what’s the migration plan? How do you get from here to there?
I was having trouble coming up with a migration plan that made sense to me,
but with the help of some delightful coworkers now I have one that I think
makes sense! This post makes an argument for that migration plan! Here’s the
tl;dr: (as usual everything that is wrong in this post is my responsibility
You can run containers without using Docker

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