JsonLogic – Build complex rules, serialize them as JSON

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Retrieve data from the provided data object.

Most JsonLogic rules operate on data supplied at run-time. Typically this data is an object, in which case the argument to var is a property name.

{ “var” : [“a”] }, // Rule
{ a : 1, b : 2 } // Data
// 1

If you like, we support syntactic sugar to skip the array around single values :

{ “var” : “a” },
{ a : 1, b : 2 }
// 1

You can supply a default, as the second argument, for values that might be missing in the data object. (Note, the skip-the-array sugar won’t work here because you’re passing two arguments to var):

{ “var” : [“z”, 26] }, // Rule
{ a : 1, b : 2 } // Data
// 26

The key passed to var can use dot-notation to get the property of a property (to any

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    Deadline: Friday, November 11, 2016 (7pm CST). Email John Mayer (jmayer@cali.org) to submit nominations. Click here for the current CALI Board of Directors. The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) is seeking nominations of qualified and enthusiastic individuals to fill vacant positions on its Board of Directors. If you know of someone who would like […]

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Node.js v7.0.0

Notable changes


Passing invalid input to Buffer.byteLength will now throw an error #8946.
Calling Buffer without new is now deprecated and will emit a process warning #8169.
Passing a negative number to allocUnsafe will now throw an error #7079.

Child Process

The fork and execFile methods now have stronger argument validation #7399.


The worker.suicide method is deprecated and will emit a process warning #3747.


V8 has been updated to 5.4.500.36 #8317, #8852,
NODE_MODULE_VERSION has been updated to 51 #8808.

File System

A process warning is emitted if a callback is not passed to async file system methods #7897.


Intl.v8BreakIterator constructor has been deprecated and will emit a process warning #8908.


Unhandled Promise rejections have been deprecated and will emit a process warning #8217.


The punycode module has been deprecated #7941.


An Experimental WHATWG URL Parser has been introduced #7448.


[1043f5d08e] – assert: name anonymous functions (Miguel Angel Asencio Hurtado) #9051
[06f37471aa] – benchmark: use node v4 syntax in common.js (Andreas Madsen) #9064
[8b152fcf47] – benchmark: change the

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Surprise Amiga Workbench 3.1 Update, 20 Years Later

It’s fair to say that this was an update most of us never expected to see. Hyperion has released some bug fixes for Workbench, which can be used in emulation or classic hardware. The fixes are relatively minor, realistically speaking, but intriguing nevertheless. They also include a free copy of Workbench 1.3.3 as a “bonus” for anyone who wants or needs it as an added bonus. Workbench 3.1 (40.43)Bug fixes include: Compatible with A4000T Installer fixed to use proper assigns to allow installation from other media than 6 floppy disksWorkbench 1.3.3 C/SetClock v34.3 by Olaf Barthel, which fixes Y2K issues and also works on newer Kickstart versions. The old SetClock command got renamed and left on disk for reference Deactivated “FF” program in Startup-Sequence to prevent problems on 68020/030 processorsHyperion also released an update to Kickstart.Kickstart 3.1 (40.72). Changes include:exec.library 40.12 Updated the copyright information text Fixed a small bug in

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IBM Watson and Udacity want developers to learn AI online

 Udacity, the education platform focused on helping workers gain skills they need for great careers in tech, has partnered with IBM Watson, Didi Chuxing and Amazon Alexa to offer a new nanodegree in artificial intelligence, the companies announced today at the IBM World of Watson conference. IBM Watson is co-developing the curriculum of the course with Udacity. Chinese ride-hailing company… Read More

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