Building your bot’s brain with Node.js and spaCy

This is a guest post by Wah Loon Keng, the author of spacy-nlp, a client that exposes spaCy’s NLP text parsing to Node.js (and other languages) via Socket.IO. Natural Language Processing and other AI technologies promise to let us build applications that offer smarter, more context-aware user experiences. However, an application that’s almost smart is often very, very dumb. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up a better brain for your applications — a Contextual Knowledge Base Graph.Applications feel particularly stupid when they make mistakes that a human never would, but which a human can sort of understand. These mistakes reveal how crude the system’s actual logic is, and the illusion that you’re “talking” to something “intelligent” shatters.Sources: Funnyjunk, @SummersonTo avoid these mistakes, we’d like our application to have a way of remember what the user has told it. We need to store these memories in a

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