NPM v4.0.0

Welcome to npm@4, friends!

This is our first semver major release since the release of npm@3 just over a year ago. Back then, @3 turned out to be a bit of a ground-shaking release, with a brand-new installer with significant structural changes to how npm set up your tree. This is the end of an era, in a way. npm@4 also marks the release when we move both npm@2 and npm@3 into maintenance: We will no longer be updating those release branches with anything except critical bugfixes and security patches.

While its predecessor had some pretty serious impact, npm@4 is expected to have a much smaller effect on your day-to-day use of npm. Over the past year, we’ve collected a handful of breaking changes that we wanted to get in which are only breaking under a strict semver interpretation (which we follow). Some of these are simple usability improvements, while others fix

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