Tiny OpenWRT WiFi module updated in $12 and $4 versions

The $12 “VoCore2” WiFi COM, which runs OpenWrt on a Mediatek MT7688AN, has won Indiegogo funding and has been joined by a $4 “VoCore2 Lite” version. Back in 2014, we hailed the $20 VoCore computer-on-module as the smallest yet to run Linux, measuring only 25 x 25mm. Earlier this month, China-based VoCore launched an updated […]

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CALI: More than Lessons

CALI has a lot to offer.  Use the search box at the upper right corner of your CALI screen to explore everything they have on your topic.  For example if you type in “offer” you receive a lot of result.  Not only would you receive hits for lessons but I also received hits from CALIs […]

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Thank HN: From Google form to $1000 in revenue in one month

In a month, OldGeekJobs.com has gone from a Google form-based MVP to a bona fide job site that’s made its first $1000. Here’s how I did it on my own for under $20.It started September 15th at midnight when I read Tim Bray’s “Old Geek” post about ageism in tech. I registered OldGeekJobs.com for $9 and spent an hour putting up a Google form and static site on a cheap Digital Ocean instance. I posted a Show HN to HackerNews and called it a night.Minimum viable product: Google form and static HTMLMy submission only had 8 upvotes by morning. Fortunately, someone who saw it did a WordPress write-up with a strong message and submitted that to HackerNews too. That post garnered 500 upvotes. The WordPress site crashed under load, so the HN moderators replaced the submission’s URL with a direct link to my site. Employers started posting jobs, and I copied

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Run Windows Server 2016 on Amazon EC2

You can now run Windows Server 2016 on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). This version of Windows Server is packed with new features including support for Docker and Windows containers.  We are making it available in all AWS regions today, in four distinct forms:
Windows Server 2016 Datacenter with Desktop Experience – The mainstream version of Windows Server, designed with security and scalability in mind, with support for both traditional and cloud-native applications. To learn a lot more about Windows Server 2016, download The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016 (registration required).
Windows Server 2016 Nano Server -A cloud-native, minimal install that takes up a modest amount of disk space and boots more swiftly than the Datacenter version, while leaving more system resources (memory, storage, and CPU) available to run apps and services. You can read Moving to Nano Server to learn how to migrate your code and your

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Fedora 25 Beta Linux distro now available for Raspberry Pi — here’s how to install it

The Raspberry Pi computers are extremely popular. It isn’t hard to see why people like them — they are small, inexpensive, and very useful for various projects. While they are arguably under-powered for use as, say, a full-time workstation, the diminutive machines aren’t really meant for that. If you do want to use it as a workstation, however, I have good news. Fedora 25 Beta Workstation is now available for both the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3. In addition to the Workstation image, Fedora 25 Beta Server is available too. Owners of ARMv6-powered Pi models, such as the… [Continue Reading]

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Minimal Raspberry Pi VPU firmware

This is a small firmware for RPi VPU (VideoCore4) versions 1/2/3 that is capable of initializing UART, VPU PLL (PLLC) and ARM itself. It’s intended to be used instead of stock bootcode.bin on RPi’s SD card. You need to have UART to see anything meaningful as far as output goes.

This has been tested on RPi1 Model B (Hynix PoP DDR), RPi 2 Model B and RPi 3 Model B (both Elpida DDR).

If you want to contact me because you’re interested in contributing, you can message kristina on Freenode, but I would suggest talking in #raspberrypi-internals instead.

All Broadcom headers are licensed under 3-Clause BSD License while the rest of this is under GPLv2+. See LICENSE for more information.


You need Julian Brown’s VC4 toolchain to build this (https://github.com/puppeh/vc4-toolchain) as well as a arm-none-eabi-toolchain. You can tweak the paths to it in CROSS_COMPILE in Makefile (for VC4) and for ARM in arm_chainloader/Makefile,

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President Obama schools SV CEOs on why government is not like business

The hoariest chestnut in the larder of anti-government conservatives is that government should be run like a business. This assertion is typically just a stalking horse for policies that narrowly benefit conservative patrons — lower taxes on corporations and the wealthy, less regulation, the contraction of social programs … you know the list.President Obama frequently has pushed back against this viewpoint, most forcibly in remarks last week at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. The White House Frontiers Conference on Thursday aimed to promote the administration’s initiatives in science and technology, but Obama took a couple of moments to remind his audience of high-tech adherents that while Silicon Valley may produce lots of cool stuff that can improve our lives, its methods are no substitute for the principles of government.  Let’s hear him out, at length:

“Government will never run the way Silicon Valley runs because, by definition, democracy is

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Amazon ramps up AWS Educate with free e-learning and job ads

 Amazon’s ambitions to go deeper into the education market are crossing over into another interesting opportunity for the tech giant: online recruitment and job hunting. Today, the e-commerce company’s AWS cloud services division announced that AWS Educate — originally launched last year as a resource library (and promotional platform) for students and educators to use… Read More

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JDK 9 release schedule

mark.reinhold at oracle.com
mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Tue Oct 18 14:56:25 UTC 2016
2016/9/13 8:56:40 -0700, mark.reinhold at oracle.com:
> …
> For these reasons I hereby propose a four-month extension of the JDK 9
> schedule, moving the General Availability (GA) milestone to July 2017.
> I’ll make a more detailed proposal for that date and other milestones
> in the next few weeks, but for now I suggest we defer the start of the
> Rampdown process [8] and continue to operate with the previously-adopted
> Feature Complete extension-request process [9].
> Minor enhancements and even strongly-justified proposals to target new
> JEPs to JDK 9 will be considered, so long as they do not add undue risk
> to the overall release. As before, however, our main focus should be to
> use this additional time to stabilize, polish, and fine-tune the features
> that we already have rather than add a bunch of new ones.

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