Reverse Engineering by Using Chrome

As you may get already I am curious person, my desire is always to know how things work. That’s why today we are going to debug “The New York Public Library” gallery. By using Chrome browser we intend to find out how the part of detailed preview is implemented. And after that we will create an application which will help us to get the chosen image in a better quality – deal?
This current example appeared here only because I was searching a head image for my About page. I was thinking – Hm… The development of some New York’s bridge would perfectly fit here, – because I am an engineer and figuratively speaking I build them everyday, right? Where can I get it from though?
I tried to Google and I have found a web-site called “The New York Public Library: Digital Collections” after a few minutes of staring at the photos, I found out that it doesn’t let you download this particular image in

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