Who Pays for the Decentralized Web?

I recently attended the Decentralized Web Summit where industry giants Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee spoke about designing a new architecture for the Web that was harder for businesses and governments to censor and control.  This new Web would be self archiving, it would use Bitcoin as a native payment mechanism, everything would be encrypted, users would control their data, and broken links would be a thing of the past!  The vision presented was so grand that it seemed fitting that we were gathered in an old church.
As the morning wore on, something began to bother me. No one was discussing the economics of this new Web. I’ve always been a bit of a troublemaker (sorry Mom), so I got up and asked the question, “Who pays for all of this?”

I was disappointed with the answers.  In my view, the economic challenges of decentralized systems are often more difficult than the

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