A Netflix for Film Geeks?

Updated Oct. 13, 2016 5:46 p.m. ET

“There should never be a day of the year when you can’t watch ‘L’Avventura,’ ” says Peter Becker, president of the Criterion Collection, describing the new streaming service the company is co-launching with Turner Classic Movies. Debuting Oct. 19, FilmStruck aims to be a destination for film freaks who still feel deprived in a world where movies seem to be spewing from all directions. It combines the movie-presenting know-how of TCM, the cable TV channel that specializes in Hollywood classics, and Criterion, which since 1984 has been releasing collectible DVDs and Blu-rays of foreign and vintage films—like “L’Avventura,” the glamorous 1960 Italian classic, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. FilmStruck will offer about 500 films at a time in themed packages akin to music playlists, often with expert commentary added. Turner is licensing art-house films from distributors including Janus

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