A Different Approach to (AWS) CLI

Jan 2, 2016

For a user of Amazon Web Services, quickly viewing a dashboard of all resources
is not straightforward. If using a web browser, the session won’t persist for
more than a day and one will have to re-authenticate every day. If using AWS
CLI, then he/she might not remember the exact command (was it
describe-key-pair or describe-keypair or describe-keypairs?) but even if
they do, the output is a not-so-readable JSON. For viewing virtual machines,
you might not want to see hundreds of lines of detail.
Maybe you just wanted to see the IP of the VM so that you can SSH into it. Or
maybe you just wanted to quickly create a virtual machine to test something: do
you remember all the parameters you need to specify for instance creation? And
don’t forget that you will need to specify the AMI ID of the image, even if you
know exactly the operating system name and version.

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