TagSpaces – An open source personal data manager

  Easy File Tagging
The application supports adding tags to files, in a transparent, not vendor locking way. You can tag your files by a simple drag & drop actions. More…

  Tag Groups
You can organize your tags thematically in groups (e.g. tag group “family” can contain tags with the names of your family member, this can be useful for photo tagging)

  Color Coded Tags
You can assign different colors to the tags. So in case of priorities you can assign the color red to a tags called “high”.

  Smart Tags
With the concept of smart tags, when you add tag called “today” to a file, the application will label automatically this file with the corresponding date of today (e.g. “20140408” for 8th April 2014)

  Batch Tagging
It is possible to add and remove many tags to many files at once.

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