React Implementation Notes

This section is a collection of implementation notes for the stack reconciler.

It is very technical and assumes a strong understanding of React public API as well as how it’s divided into core, renderers, and the reconciler. If you’re not very familiar with the React codebase, read the codebase overview first.

The stack reconciler is powering all the React production code today. It is located in src/renderers/shared/stack/reconciler and is used by both React DOM and React Native.
Video: Building React from Scratch #
Paul O’Shannessy gave a talk about building React from scratch that largely inspired this document.

Both this document and his talk are simplifications of the real codebase so you might get a better understanding by getting familiar with both of them.
Overview #
The reconciler itself doesn’t have a public API. Renderers like React DOM and React Native use it to efficiently update the user interface according to the React components written by the

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