Manic Digger – A multiplayer block-building voxel game, Minecraft clone

Manic Digger is a 3D voxel building game similar to Minecraft.Build yourself a home in your own world or connect to an online server to team up with others to create great buildings!

You can download the game directly from the GitHub releases page:


Singleplayer and Multiplayer
Full support for custom textures
Powerful server side modding API
Large world: 9984x9984x128 by default
War game mode – first person shooter
Game modes

Creative Mode

In creative mode there are no limits on the amount of blocks you can place. Build whatever you like without having to worry about collecting resources or crafting.Build spaceships, flying islands or cool pixelart – your imagination is the only limit!

Survival Mode

For those of you who like gathering resources and crafting stuff there is a survival mode.Please note that this is still in development (no friendly/hostile mobs right now)

War Mod

The War Mod is a gamemode that comes bundled with Manic Digger. It

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