React on Rails

Reverb’s main application is a well loved Rails monolith. It serves our API and view level traffic admirably. As we’ve grown, we’ve added more interactive UI elements, and as we did we followed the Rails Way™. We decorated our behavior with jQuery and we left templating to Rails. This approach, yes even in 2016, is still a great choice for a small amount of UI interactivity, but after a couple of years we began to search for something that could help structure our javascript components which were growing in sophistication.During our search we had a few criteria:Plays well with a largely server side rendered applicationCan be mounted in isolationAllows for simple unit testingCould be easily taught to developers of all levelsReact was and is a great fit for our current application. We needed isolated components that could encapsulate complex view logic that could be injected anywhere on the page. We’ve

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