RethinkDB and Compose: Where Next

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Published Oct 6, 2016

TL;DR: RethinkDB databases on Compose will be available for the foreseeable future.

The unfortunate news that RethinkDB Inc is closing its doors as a commercial entity has led people to ask us, as hosts of RethinkDB database deployments, what our intentions are with the database.

Before that, we have to say that we really enjoyed working with our friends at RethinkDB and we hope they’ll all find new positions in the industry where they can continue to be most excellent. We understand how hard the startup business is and that things don’t always work out as expected.

Regarding RethinkDB the database, the RethinkDB code base is open source, stable, feature rich and working well for many of our customers. It’s a tribute to the engineering work of the RethinkDB team that they have

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BitTorrent Fires CEOs, Closes Los Angeles Studio, Shutters BitTorrent Now

Things are not looking good at BitTorrent. Citing multiple sources, Variety reports today that the company has fired two former CEOs — Robert Delamar and Jeremy Johnson — and let go an unknown number of staffers. Company’s CFO Dipak Joshi has stepped in as interim CEO. BitTorrent is also closing its Los Angeles-based production studio and shutting its BitTorrent Now streaming efforts. From the report: The company had officially announced the appointment of Delamar and Johnson as new co-CEOs in April. At the time, the duo laid out a renewed focus on media production and distribution, which involved the opening of a new Los Angeles-based production studio. These efforts culminated in BitTorrent Now, an ad-supported music and video streaming platform that launched in June. BitTorrent Now built on the company’s efforts to strike media distribution deals with independent artists, but didn’t actually use BitTorrent’s P2P technology for streaming.

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Learn MySQL / MariaDB for Beginners – Part 1

In this article we will show how to create a database (also known as a schema), tables (with data types), and explain how to perform Data Manipulation Language (DML) operations with data on a…
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RethinkDB is shutting down

Today I have sad news to share. After more than seven years of development, the company behind RethinkDB is shutting down. We worked very hard to make RethinkDB successful, but in spite of all our efforts we were ultimately unable to build a sustainable business. There is a lot of information to unpack – over the next few months, I’ll write about lessons learned so the startup community can benefit from our mistakes.

I just installed RethinkDB 2.3.5 on a new laptop and took a few minutes to slow down and play with the product. I’m very proud of what we built alongside our community – RethinkDB’s technology more often feels like magic, and I hope it will continue to play an important role in advancing the state of the art in database technology.

We’re working with members of our community to develop a continuity plan for RethinkDB and Horizon. Both projects

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Animoto gives businesses an easy way to create social videos

 Animoto is launching a new product for businesses that want to post their own marketing videos for Facebook and other social networks — but don’t necessarily have the team or the skills needed to create something slick.
The company already offers products that automatically assemble your photos and videos into a video slideshow, and it’s been adding more tools for businesses. Read More

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Use Calibre to search dozens of ebook sites at once—both stores and public domain

Even if you’re been around ebooks forever, you may be overlooking one of the easiest ways to search dozens of digital bookstores and public domain sites at once.
It’s the Get Books function of our old friend, the Calibre ebook management program (cost: $0). And as you can see from the screenshot it’s in the top menu bar. You can search by titles, author names, and keywords—and blend your criteria, so that, for example, you can exclude works with identical titles but different writers.
With this approach, your books public domain books can go directly into your Calibre library for immediate reading via the Calibre ebook reader or another program.
That won’t happen with commercial books—your Web browser will direct you to the appropriate store page—but there are other pluses, such as the ability to short by prices. Who knows? “Free” may be at the top of the list. Just keep in mind that copyright laws vary. What’s free in countries with

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Show HN: Patat – Terminal-based presentations using Pandoc

patat (Presentations And The ANSI Terminal) is a small
tool that allows you to show presentations using only an ANSI terminal. It does
not require ncurses.

patat is written in Haskell and built upon the great Pandoc library. This
means it is theoretically not limited to Markdown, but can support every
input format that Pandoc supports.

Table of Contents


You can build from source using stack install or cabal install. patat is
also available from Hackage.

For people unfamiliar with the Haskell ecosystem, this means you can do either
of the following:

Using stack

Install stack for your platform.
Clone this repository.
Run stack setup (if you’re running stack for the first time) and
stack install.
Make sure $HOME/.local/bin is in your $PATH.
Using cabal

Install cabal for your platform.
Run cabal install patat.
Make sure $HOME/.cabal/bin is in your $PATH.

patat [–watch]


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