Introduction to 9front

FQA – Introduction To Plan 9 |
FQA 2 – Getting To Know 9front
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1.1 – What is 9front?

Plan9front (or 9front) is a fork of the
Plan 9 from Bell Labs operating system. The project was started to remedy a perceived lack of devoted development resources inside Bell Labs,[citation needed] and has accumulated various
fixes and

This FQA specifically covers only the most recent release of 9front.

1.1.1 – Cirno’s been our mascot for a while.

Our mascot

Glenda is getting old, Cirno is now our mascot.


• she is known to be the strongest


1.2 – On what systems does 9front run?

9front runs on the following platforms:

FQA 3.2 – Selecting Hardware

1.3 – Why might I want to use 9front?

New users frequently want to know whether 9front is superior to some other free UNIX-like operating system. That question is largely unanswerable and is the subject of countless (and useless) religious debates. Do not, under

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