How DreamHost Builds Its Cloud: Selecting Microprocessors

This is post No. 2 in a series of posts about how DreamHost builds its Cloud products. Written by Luke Odom straight from data center operations. 
In this post, we are going to be looking at what processor we are using in the new DreamCompute cluster, and how we picked it!
A processor is one of the most crucial components of a machine. The processor, also known as the CPU, is the metaphorical brain of the computer. It does all the “thinking” for the computer. A CPU can have one or more cores. A core is the part of the processor that does the actual computing. The first thing to consider is the instruction set. This is the language that the processor speaks. The popular instruction sets for use in servers are Sparc, ARM, and x86-64. Processors using the Sparc instruction set are made by Oracle. While Linux can run on them, the

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