How DreamHost Builds Its Cloud: Selecting Hard Drives

This is the third in a series of posts about how DreamHost builds its Cloud products. Written by Luke Odom straight from the data center operations. 
To begin picking what drives we wanted to use in our new DreamCompute cluster, we first looked at the IO usage and feedback from the beta cluster. The amount of data moving around our beta cluster was very small. Despite the fact that we had over-provisioned, and had very little disk activity in our beta cluster, we still received a lot of feedback requesting faster IO. There were three main reasons that the throughput and latency in the beta cluster was slow.
The first reason was our choice of processor and RAM amount. We used machines of the same specs we used for DreamObjects. This worked well there, where there is a lot of storage but it is not accessed very often. However, in DreamCompute we

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