C Hypertext Library


C Hypertext Library – A library for writing web applications in C

(Simple Hello World in CHL)

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What is CHL?

CHL, short for C Hypertext Library, is a library used to write web applications of all sorts in the C programming language. CHL provides you with a lot of useful features:

Parsing and fetching HTTP data, such as POST and GET.
Creating and deleting HTTP headers.
A dedicated API for creating and deleting cookies.
The ability to execute CHL functions within HTML files

and a lot more…

Why CHL?

What makes CHL uniqe is the support for executing functions inside HTML files, much like PHP using the syntax, though CHL uses the syntax.


How does it work?

Web applications written in C must somehow be executed by the Web server since C is a compiled langauge. To make this possible CHL is based on CGI (Common Gateway Interface), which in short means that

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