Low Latency Cloud Gaming: It’s Real, and It’s Getting Great

TLDR: We just released an AWS AMI for streaming PC games at extremely low latency and 60 FPS from Amazon. Check it out here.Rocket League on my Macbook ProThe InspirationLast July, I read a highly upvoted article on Hacker News claiming that it was possible to play games from an AWS GPU instance. I immediately followed the steps outlined in the article, and before long I was interactively streaming Steam games over the internet. It was far from perfect, but much better than I expected; first-person-shooter games were pretty unplayable, but console style games like Witcher 3 were more forgiving with latency. While there was much room for improvement, I was convinced that some iteration of the tech described in that article would profoundly change the way we game — and I needed to get involved.Thus began our journey to understand the latency problem of cloud gaming, and then attempt to solve that

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