Heavy SSD Writes from Firefox

If you are a user of Firefox we have a must-change setting. Today’s modern multi-core processor systems and higher quantities of RAM allow users to open multiple Firefox tabs and windows simultaneously. This can have an unintended effect for those SSDs as session store data can write data constantly to NAND. This issue is being discussed in a STH forum thread where you can follow the discussion.
Observing the Issue: Heavy SSD Writes from Firefox
Purely by chance, I fired up a free copy of SSDLife on two consecutive days where I haven’t really used my workstation for anything other than email and browsing. For those of you unfamiliar with this tool, it simply reports estimated lifetime for the attached SSD and it also shows the amount of data read and written.
In my case, SSDLife notified me that 12GB was written to the SSD in one day. Since I didn’t recall downloading any huge

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