Riot wants to be like Slack, with flexibility of underlying open source platform

In the ‘old days’ there were plenty of messaging apps and aggregators, but they survived in an open source world. Today, business models dictate that platforms like Slack must keep their messages to themselves.
It would be nice if open-source alternatives could bring back the days of flexibility, combined with today’s world of excellent user experience. What if Slack were simply an excellent tool running on an underlying open-source platform? Could it create the same value?
Riot (formerly known as Vector while it was running in Beta) is a new UK-borne app hoping to have a crack at that.
It’s aiming to bring conversations and productivity tools together, across different apps, and providing the ability to tweak and host your own version by being open source, while also being secure. Riot is built on Matrix, an open standard for decentralized persistent communication.
Riot lets teams share data and collaborate on projects across different communication

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