Ask HN: In what areas are NoSQL Databases beneficial over Relational Databases?

NoSQL is for heterogeneous data that is read in a homogeneous manner, whilst relational excels at homogeneous data read in a heterogeneous manner. If your schema is constantly changing, relational is painful, conversely writing reports against a NoSQL datastore hurts too.If you come from an RDBMS, you’re probably going to dislike MongoDB. I like it for prototyping/MVP but once the schema settles down it’s time to move.However, NoSQL does not start and end at MongoDB, no way. There are lots of different flavours, from huuuuuuuuge key/value stores, to timeseries, to write-one-read-many document stores, to remote syncing mobile app datastores and probably loads of other types that I haven’t used yet.So figure out why you want to use NoSQL (CV building can be a reason too) and play around with some toy installations.

With RDBMS you have to design the schema first, with NoSQL you

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