Overstock’s TØ to Issue First Public Blockchain Equities

Overstock.com’s blockchain-based trading startup, TØ, has announced its partnership with the Keystone Capital Corporation. The collaboration marks the first public issuance of blockchain equities.
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Keystone Capital and TØ’s Public Blockchain Equities
Patrick ByrneOn September 14, Overstock’s TØ was selected by Keystone Capital Corporation to use its blockchain trading system. Under a license agreement with TØ, Keystone will provide brokerage options for clients looking to acquire blockchain securities. The TØ startup will enable investors to create digital accounts in the near future.
Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne states during the announcement:

It’s no secret that Overstock’s own financial technology subsidiary, TØ, has been working on a blockchain version of Wall Street, and that Overstock desires to demonstrate its system by issuing a security of its own on the technology it is creating. Keystone Capital has aligned with us in this historic effort.

Steven Capozza of Keystone Capital

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