I gave commit rights to someone I didn’t know

17 Sep 2016(Spoiler: trusting your contributors works)

Some years ago, I polished up and released an abandoned project for storing financial data in Django.
It let you declare “Money” fields on your models, dealing with proper storage and currencies for you.

My use case for the library, django-money eventually faded, but it ended up teaching me a useful lesson in trust and OSS abandonware.

Some time after the project I was using django-money for was binned, I read a blog post about trusting OSS contributors.

I don’t recall the author now, but the gist of the argument made was that we’re too protective of our code – if you give someone responsibility,
show that you trust them, more often than not, your intuition about people abusing their freedom is way off.
On the contrary, giving a diligent contributor commit rights will often have the opposite effect from what you might expect, making people take
their contributions

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