Show HN: I built a website that simplifies Congress and their activities


You will be able to easily read and analyze complex legislation; washing away past political ignorance and misinformation to help you keep up with watercooler discussions at the office to winning arguments with your neighbor.


This amazing wealth of knowledge will help you make better decisions, and make real change when voting for you next representative in the United States Congress.


One of the biggest challenges we face is our distrust in the political system. We complain, but do nothing about it. If you want the change, you have to be the change. You have to be the ball – Be the ball Danny

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Some Barnes & Noble college stores drop textbooks, too

The New York Times is not usually known for burying the lede, but it seems like it might have done so in this case. After spending most of an article discussing New York college Stony Brook University’s decision to drop textbooks from its campus bookstore in favor of textbooks ordered online via Amazon, it adds at the very end of the article that, oh, by the way, said bookstore is run by Barnes & Noble.
The article does note that “Barnes & Noble College” hasn’t actually called itself a “bookstore” for several years, and that 98% of B&NC shops do still carry textbooks and course materials, but even so, it’s interesting.

“We firmly believe in the importance of a physical store,” Lisa Malat, the chief marketing officer, said. “Millennials and Gen Z are still very much committed to the physical shopping experience.”
Though perhaps not only for books: In recent years, Barnes & Noble

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The Server at Peak X86

September 15, 2016

Timothy Prickett Morgan

One of the reasons why Dell spent $60 billion on the EMC-VMware conglomerate was to become the top supplier of infrastructure in the corporate datacenter. But even before the deal closed, Dell was on its way – somewhat surprisingly to many – to toppling Hewlett Packard Enterprise as the dominant supplier of X86 systems in the world.
But that computing world is set to change, we think. And perhaps more quickly – some might say jarringly — than any of the server incumbents are prepared to absorb.
After Intel, with the help of a push from AMD a decade ago, created what has become an almost universal substrate of general purpose compute, the ever-persistent demands of memory bandwidth, thermal and compute efficiency, and price/performance improvements seem destined to fragment computing and spread it around myriad devices and embedding it different layers of a system, a cluster, and a

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Emacs 25.1 Released With Tons Of New Features

After four years of development there’s a major new release of Emacs, the 40-year-old libre text editor with over 2,000 built-in commands. An anonymous Slashdot reader writes:

Emacs 25.1 now lets you embed GTK+ user interface widgets, including WebKitGTK+, “a full-featured WebKit port that can allow you to browse the internet and watch YouTube inside Emacs.” And it can also load shared/dynamic modules, meaning it can import the extra functionality seen in Emacs Lisp programs. This version also includes enhanced the network security, experimental support for Cairo drawing, and a new “switch-to-buffer-in-dedicated-window” mode.

Emacs 25.1 is available at the GNU FTP server, and since it’s the 40th anniversary of Emacs, maybe it’s a good time for a discussion about text editors in general. So leave your best tips in the comments — along with your favorite stories about Emacs, Vim, or the text editor of your choice. What comes to your

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Vim 8.0 Released!

Long-time Slashdot reader MrKaos writes: The venerable and essential vim has had it’s first major release in 10 years. Lots of new and interesting features including, vim script improvements, JSON support, messages exchange with background processes, a test framework and a bunch of Windows DirectX compatibility improvements. A package manager has been added to handle the ever-growing plug-in library, start-up changes and support for a lot of old platforms has been dropped. Many Vimprovements!

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Cooking: A webpack-based front-end build tool that comes handy


A front-end build tool that comes handy



Hit Gitter if you come across any problem while using cooking. Issues are only for bug reports and feature requests.


Simplified webpack configuring with humanistic parameters
Use cooking CLI to efficiently scaffold projects without installing dependencies repeatedly (based on webpack 2)
Compatible with both webpack 1 and 2 with just one set of configuration
Generated configuration fully compatible with webpack CLI

runtime environment

Node.js 4+
npm 3+
Python 2.7.x
Using cooking CLI

Step 1. create a vue-based project (vue scaffold will be downloaded automatically if not installed)

$ cooking create my-project vue
$ cd my-project

Step 2. start developing

Using cooking core

npm i cooking -S

# install webpack dependencies (take webpack 1 for example)
npm i babel-core babel-loader css-loader file-loader postcss postcss-loader
html-loader html-webpack-plugin json-loader style-loader url-loader
webpack@1 webpack-dev-server@1 extract-text-webpack-plugin@1 -D

# start developing
node_modules/.bin/cooking watch # or webpack –config cooking.conf.js

# if cooking-cli is globally installed, you can also do this (it still runs your local cooking)

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Overstock’s TØ to Issue First Public Blockchain Equities’s blockchain-based trading startup, TØ, has announced its partnership with the Keystone Capital Corporation. The collaboration marks the first public issuance of blockchain equities.
Also read: to Take the Bitcoin Blockchain Public in ‘Matter of Weeks’
Keystone Capital and TØ’s Public Blockchain Equities
Patrick ByrneOn September 14, Overstock’s TØ was selected by Keystone Capital Corporation to use its blockchain trading system. Under a license agreement with TØ, Keystone will provide brokerage options for clients looking to acquire blockchain securities. The TØ startup will enable investors to create digital accounts in the near future. CEO Patrick Byrne states during the announcement:

It’s no secret that Overstock’s own financial technology subsidiary, TØ, has been working on a blockchain version of Wall Street, and that Overstock desires to demonstrate its system by issuing a security of its own on the technology it is creating. Keystone Capital has aligned with us in this historic effort.

Steven Capozza of Keystone Capital

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