The GitHub GraphQL API

GitHub announced a public API one month after the site launched. We’ve evolved this platform through three versions, adhering to RFC standards and embracing new design patterns to provide a clear and consistent interface. We’ve often heard that our REST API was an inspiration for other companies; countless tutorials refer to our endpoints. Today, we’re excited to announce our biggest change to the API since we snubbed XML in favor of JSON: we’re making the GitHub API available through GraphQL.

GraphQL is, at its core, a specification for a data querying language. We’d like to talk a bit about GraphQL, including the problems we believe it solves and the opportunities it provides to integrators.


You may be wondering why we chose to start supporting GraphQL. Our API was designed to be RESTful and hypermedia-driven. We’re fortunate to have dozens of different open-source clients written in a plethora of languages. Businesses grew around

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