Lifelogging is dead for now

The name Gordon Bell has become synonymous with lifelogging.Bell is the legendary engineer and researcher emeritus who recently retired from Microsoft.Bell started wearing a camera around his neck in 2000. But not just any camera. He wore an automated one that took pictures every 30 seconds. He was the main subject in a long-term experiment called the MyLifeBits project while a principal researcher at Microsoft.Gordon Bell: lifelogger and retired Microsoft researcher.
The idea was to record, capture and store every last bit of data that would later help him have a machine-enhanced photographic memory. In addition to the camera, Bell captured all his articles, lectures, presentations, memos, academic papers, home movies, IM transcripts, phone calls and more.The idea was based on the work of Vannevar Bush, who in 1945 envisioned a machine called the Memex (a portmanteau of “memory” and “index”), a kind of desk that would scan, link and instantly

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