Why Kubernetes is winning the container war

The tech world is increasingly awash in containers, and despite stiff competition, the industry seems to be settling on Kubernetes as the default container orchestration engine. Given the options, including Docker’s own Swarm, it’s worth looking at what makes Kubernetes so popular, especially given its comparative complexity.As with other popular open source software, such as MongoDB and Linux, the answer seems to come down to smart plays in community building — and 15 years of Google R&D doesn’t hurt. Ultimately, this unique blend of exceptional engineering and a willingness to let others take over make Kubernetes such an impressive open source project.Make community realIt shouldn’t be this way. After all, Kubernetes is a mere two years old (as a public open source project), whereas Apache Mesos has clocked seven years in market. Docker Swarm is younger than Kubernetes, and it comes with the backing of the center of the container

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